10/31/2011 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Gossip Girl Recap - 'More Brains?'

Good episode of the Gossip Girl show last night as Blair and Serena were able to settle the differences and go out and look for brains together. Who would have thought that the two of them could get along but I guess brains brings everyone together, even two friends who don't like each other anymore.

But wait it looks like Dan and Chuck and the other ones were also out looking for brains! What a twist it is when they all meet up and decide to look for brains.

This is when Blair says that she is pregnant with a child (don't worry it is a zombie) and everyone rejoices because the more zombie babies the better it is for everyone. Cyrus and Eleanor have a holiday party and everyone gets together to make brains and read the Brain Bible and everyone brings a different food that is made of brains because those are THE RULES!

Rufus and Lily will not talk to Dan who is their son because Dan wrote a book about how they are bad zombies and he is a good zombie and he is celebrated by a famous movie producer who wants to make a movie about his book. After that I took a break to go look for humans out in my yard. I found a few humans running around and then I came back inside and finished the television show, but I missed a whole chunk in the middle while I was out so I have no idea what happened.

At the end of the show Blair and Serena went to a store and bought clothes and Chuck bought a brain hotel and then a zombie said, "Looks like Chuck has a Brain Hotel he wasn't expecting," and then I think Blair ate Serena and Chuck ate Nate while Nate was eating Dan.

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