08/04/2014 07:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

All's Fair in Love and Social Media


It's not all sex between the sheets for these newlyweds...

I married an extremely hard working man. He works so hard, in fact, that he often finds it difficult to keep his eyes open once he gets home. Originally frustrated by his mild narcolepsy, I decided to entertain myself while my better half caught some much deserved shut eye, and thus the Instagram account @MySleepingHusband was born.

Photos on the feed include honeymoon snapshots, in-flight entertainment, catnaps with our dog, visits to the in-laws and even screenshots from our home security system... all with eyes wide shut. Proving that we should all work, play and sleep hard, this unique sleeping beauty brings great giggles to everyone who follows his REM cycle.

You may be wondering why on Earth the poor bloke is so tired. My husband works in the intense world of sports car racing, frequently traveling for races and briefly recovering at home in between events. One of his many talents is his ability to sleep anywhere -- standing up, leaning on the walls, mid-conversation, you name it! So I am conveniently never short on content for my new entertaining account.

Anyone with a juvenile sense of humor would find @MySleepingHusband to be an elaborate yet harmless prank, but my husband is too mature for that bologna and did not share that perspective. Upon discovering his my new hobby (and realizing he was sleeping with the enemy), he agreed I could continue to share photos only under the condition that I reach 10k followers... within 30 days.

In addition to creeping on her spouse, L.T. is the CEO and Founder of PISTOL polish, a subscription-based cosmetics brand. Follow @MySleepingHusband on Instagram.