05/31/2010 04:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

JJ Abrams' New TV Series Script Is Leaked

The new NBC show written and created by Josh Reims and J.J.Abrams, the author of Lost (and Alias, as well as the producer of Cloverfield, the director of Mission Impossible 3, Stark Trek and Super 8) is an action spy television series called Undercovers. The show will air next fall but we -- the Italian online magazine Il Post -- got the secret script of the Undercovers pilot, and we have reason to believe it is the real thing.

The script opens with a note for the reader: "The pace of this series is intended to be unusually, almost unspeakably, fast. Sure we won't deny the script is long. But that's only if you judge by something as arbitrary as page numbers. So when reading the script, assuming you get past this page, whether it's an action sequence or just two people speaking, imagine scenes moving lighting fast. Then imagine them just the slightest bit faster. This will hopefully give you a sense of what we're going for."

Lost ended last week and fans are looking forward to know what Abrams is going to do. After the sci-fi-religious-mood of Lost, Abrams is now back to spy-stories more akin to his second show Alias, but "with a more fun energy and a little more comedic", as he described it.

The first scene is about a man -- a secret agent called Leo Nash -- running off three men in black who are trying to kill him. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Steven and Samantha -- a husband and wife on retirement from a secret service agency -- are running a catering service. However, everything is about to change: another secret agent, Carlton Shaw, tells them that their friend Leo is in danger. Shaw asks them to help the Agency to find him. They look at each other, and then accept.

The episode continues (SPOILER ALERT) with the two agents looking for Leo around the world -- Madrid, Paris, Moscow -- and ends with Leo's rescue, the arrest of an arms and drug dealer and, obviously, with the strengthening of the relationship between Steven and Samantha. Shaw then asks them to rejoin the Agency, and that's what they do.

Update: Warner Bros confirmed the script is true, and asked to remove it form the website. Since it is no Watergate thing and their letter was polite, we did it.