08/22/2014 03:14 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2014

Spiritual Richness

In the world of leadership and personal development most people experience more fear moments than faith moments. Many visionaries distort and decrease the vision than focusing on increasing the mission. In every relationship online and off, business and personal, you have to focus on surrounding yourself with those who are experiencing abundance at the level you want to go.

That means spiritually, financially, physically, professionally and more. I personally surround myself and get mentored by wealthy mindsets and spiritual richness. This makes it inevitable for me at some stage and time in life to become like those who I learn from. In today's time authentic leaders and teachers are hard to find. Social media can be deceptive and can show you the better side of a person.

That's why it's important for you to be focused on your vision and those who are in alignment with your morals and values. You cannot afford to have your vision distorted by someone else's façade. Set yourself free from what a mentor should look like on the outside and focus on what their vision is producing.

Get around those who are who will challenge you, push you and encourage you to grow. In my personal mission of creating 100 new Activated Visionaries before 2014 is over, I know I have to get the Activators surrounded by others who will stretch them and provide them with solid resources. Just a few connections can and will kick start their ambitions in life to a whole new level.

I have had my share of droughts and harvest, but with the right connections you can make your next season your greatest season. You can dispose the things that distort the vision and experience the Land of More Than Enough where labor and sacrifice brings massive results and a lifestyle worth living is created!

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