06/03/2014 03:00 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

We All Have Secrets

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We all have secrets, just don't let fear be one of them. What would you do if you had no fear? What secrets are stopping you from rising to your full potential?

Fear can serve as a major motivator and a huge procrastinator. Fear, in my observation, is abandoned love. It is a secret most people are ashamed of and often times hidden in our unconscious, to avoid feeling unlovable, weak and unworthy. We rarely stop to consider the revelation of love and negative effects that fear has on our lives.

Love is the goal. Love is the inspiration. Love is intelligent. Love gives freely and expects nothing in return. Love is the work, the greatest coach and mentor.

When you let love guide you, you are able to reach insurmountable and limitless success in life.

When love is ignored, fear is given permission to craft and project an illusion that will distract you.

Ask yourself: Can I see my future or what my future will be like if I continue to hold on to the fears that are deceiving me?

The biggest mistake most women make in their building and development stages, is allowing their fears to make life decisions based on false illusions and limited beliefs. Either you face the fear or allow the fear to face you. Somebody has to surrender and it should not be you. Fear can only survive and exist as long as you allow it to. You have to be willing to reinvent yourself and shift your mindset so that your fears have no power.

I suffered for many years from fear of success. I would constantly self-sabotage by either procrastinating or cause an internal distraction. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I was out of my mind at the time, not any more. I now "seize the opportunity" when one arises.

Successful people use their fears to coach themselves through the "best of times" and "the worst of times." Since fear is the foundation of ignorance, I urge you to become aware and knowledgeable of what you are facing. Make a list of the secretive fears you have about love, money, business, marriage, entrepreneurship, etc.

Take the time to write the most valuable changes you have made in your most fearful moments. For example, in your work, in your relationships, in your life... what inspired these changes, and what helped you to make them? Next name the changes you will make in the name of love in the next 90 days, in your work, in your relationships or in your life. What or who will help you make these changes?

I guarantee you that by the time you look at your list of valuable changes... where you acted in spite of fear, when you took action in spite of doubt, you will find the most loving and life altering experiences.

Tackle a new fear every month. Watch how you shift your mindset, change your perception and gain a better understanding of the obstacles and challenges that are posing a threat in your life. Remember fear stunts your growth. It's time to become the giant, the amazon woman you are.

It is time to Activate Your Life!