09/04/2010 01:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

They want Jan Brewer to be President!

Arizona's unelected governor Jan Brewer is taking a page right out of Sarah Palin's playbook: Attack your opponent with questionable claims and outright lies, scare the voters until they forget about the jobs you've lost, and create a wave of fear you can ride right into office.

And her plans for Arizona? Well, see for yourself:

Nothing but dead air.

Just like Sarah Palin, it's clear that No Plan Jan is lost without the cue cards her lobbyist cartel puts in front of her.

But here's why she's really dangerous: Tea Party groups in Arizona and around the country are mobilizing behind Jan Brewer because she is little more than a shell candidate to attack Barack Obama and any Democrat who crosses her path. From SB1070 to anti-health reform lawsuits, Brewer is doing anything she can to mobilize extremist groups and push her far-right base to the polls.

This isn't just an Arizona problem-- Jan Brewer for President groups are taking off on social networking sites, and one poll shows her trailing President Obama by only 5 points for 2012. This could be our last and best chance to stop Jan Brewer before she takes her agenda to the national stage.

This Labor Day weekend, help us stop the madness! Let's show our strength-- help us get 1,000 new donors before midnight on Labor Day. Not only will this send a message, it will give the Arizona Democratic Party the resources we need to stand up to Jan Brewer and stop her NOW.

It doesn't matter how much you can give-- $1, $10 or $100-- this is about sending a message and telling Jan Brewer that we won't put up with her fear mongering any longer. Arizona deserves better than No Plan Jan, and with your help we will make sure she's never elected to the governor's office!