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Old Soul Nuggets of Knowledge From Florence Shovel Shinn

2015-07-24-1437767893-8523222-Florence_Scovel_Shinn.jpgYou know her? No...I didn't either.
Recently on a trip to Arizona I found myself in a new-age store full of incense and cool stones and crystals, lots of books on Jesus, and spirituality right next to tarot decks and ruins made out of wood or crystals. It was like a little heaven to someone with no specifics, and so many curious philosophical ideas.

I would say there were hundreds of books. There were at six aisles. A Rumi book in the first aisle stuck out to me. Then, after picking out wax and stamps (how old-world fun) and a new candle, I saw a book that I couldn't help but know I had to buy. It wasn't even on display, and has orange copy on a black sleeve. Not an "Eye-popper."

I pulled it out and saw the name: "The Magic Path of Intuition." Sold. I love the word magic and intuition has a whole new meaning to me as of late. I flipped through it later that night, and couldn't stop. Then I ordered the complete works from Florence Scovel Shinn.


When I googled her two things were incredibly strange: 1. All but one of the pictures supposedly of her online were pictures of Anais Nin! I'm currently writing a Essay on her and she is my favorite right now. I had no idea who she was before January of this year, but now I'd no her face anywhere. 2. Florence Shovel Shinn was a born in 1871 in New Jersey. Divorced in 1912 and became an (initially) self-published metaphysical and new thought teacher. She did what? When?

This goes to show, no matter how unique and fascinating we may think or "ideas or inklings" about life and existential thoughts are just recycled in the ether and have been thought, acted on, and even published before. Ha! I love her to bits, and she is an incredible force of inspiration for my novel in progress...Before her time, just like pretty much all the great innovators and thinkers. Thinking outside the box. I'm going to dive in to her past and see what kind of names she was called for not living in a herd mentality.

Here are some of the tidbits I adore. It should be noted that she quotes the bible often. So I am NOT claiming she was esoteric or new-age, or whatever label might upset people. I'm simply saying she is provocative and positive and believes in thoughts becoming behaviors that lead to whatever we are focused on.

Affirmations: ( Take that Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer!) ((Kidding.))

"I shall not want, for my supply precedes me. Faith must become a habit."

" I see vividly my immediate and endless supply. It comes from a Higher Power, and all doors fly open! All channels are free. I see vividly my radiant health, perfect and permanent. I see vividly my heart's desires come t pass in the twinkling of an eye."

"The light of light streams through my mind, body and affairs revealing all in Divine order. I see clearly there are no obstacles on my pathway. I see clearly the open road to fulfillment."

"The spirit is pure intelligence, upon which man draws to tune in. Do not limit yourself a one-station radio of life. Tune in with infinite intelligence. Look with amazement at that which is before you.

"Your word is your wand."

" I am wide awake to my good, I never miss a trick."

My favorites (so far...)

"All suffering is a spiritual alarm clock. You have been asleep about something. Perhaps you have been unjust, unforgiving, ungrateful, critical or intolerant. Perhaps you were afraid to follow an intuitive lead. Suddenly the karmic factories begin working, for the "way of the transgressor is hard."

"As you change in consciousness, all the conditions about you change. Do not neglect the day of small things, for little beginnings have big endings."

"With the fixed idea that your supply comes from Infinite Intelligence, you will always be provided for, in both big and little ways. The big things in life will come easily if you no doubts or fears. So live fully in today, and bring your future into the now."

Women writers new and old, never cease to amaze and inspire me!


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