02/22/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Cutting Off Adele for Bleugh... I Mean, Blur

There has been uproar since last night. Adele had just been awarded what can be considered the most notable award of the evening: Mastercard British Album of the Year, for her album 21. However, during her gracious acceptance speech, whilst thanking her country and fans and stating the pride she held for being part of the British nation, she was cut off by presenter James Corden, in order to cue headliners of the evening, Blur.

The cut-off in itself caused the country to cringe, and it pained Corden as he uttered the words, "I'm so sorry, and I can't believe I'm about to cut-off, I'm so sorry." Her response, which no one can rebuke, was to stick her middle finger up at the broadcasting "suits," clarifying later that it was not directed towards Blur fans. An awards ceremony held to recognize those making the greatest contributions to music in Britain first and foremost, instead gave the impression that Blur's performance superseded all else. This was of course a huge discredit to Adele.

And had Blur's performance been earth-shatteringly spectacular, it might have made up for interrupting the UK's most loved music artist. But, sadly, it wasn't. It can't be denied that in the 90s Blur were at the top of their game -- which was rewarded last night as they received the Outstanding Contribution to Music award. They have since left a legacy, and have hoards of fans who, two decades later, are still playing their music. But last night's performance, which quite literally stopped the show, was jaw-dropping -- but for being anything but awe-inspiring. Out of tune, worried momentarily that Albarn might topple over and, at times, short of being shambolic it was difficult to watch.

Let's just hope that the finale to the Olympics goes better.