07/14/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2014

Love Challenged

Today I was love challenged. My son, his dad, who is my best friend, and I drove up to Gravenhurst, Ontario for a delightful lunch cruise on the Segwun, an old steamship that has been plying Lake Muskoka, off and on, for about 120 years. Next to the pier where the Segwun stood awaiting its passengers was the Antique and Classic Boat Show. Tethered to the long docks next to this pier sleek and beautiful mahogany inboard boats were berthed for hundreds of enthusiasts to view.

While my son and his dad were happy to tour this boat display I confess that I have not a lick of interest in any boat unless I get to ride in it. My sights were on The Blue Willow Tea Room which held the fruit pie I'd been fantasizing about, and it was also right beside the docks.

The first sign of potential challenge was when I tried to use the public washrooms next to these docks and the Segwun pier while waiting for the Segwun to depart.. Temporary fencing had been put up around this whole property, and a fee of fifteen dollars to see the boats was demanded. "But I only want to use the washroom," I told the rather rotund keeper of the gate.

"You haven't bought an armband so you can't enter the area to use the washroom." Silly business. I decided I could wait till I boarded the Segwun.

After our lovely cruise was over the guys went off to see the boats. I decided to drop my jacket in the car before I headed to the Blue Willow for pie (mind always on pie). Our car was outside the fenced area, and I had to go by the keeper of the gate to get to it. "I'm just going to put this jacket in the car, and then I'll be right back," I explained.

"You don't have an armband so you can't come back in." I tried to explain how I didn't care about the boats but only wanted pie. No dice. I decided to keep my jacket with me and headed for the tearoom which was inside the fenced area.

A female gatekeeper came scurrying after me. "You have no armband so you have to leave." I tried suggesting that with rules there is also logic. "Ve are just following orderz," I'm sure I heard her say as she hustled me out to the parking lot.

They weren't done with me yet. I walked around the fence till I came to another gate being opened by an elderly musician on his way out. In I went. Hah to you, I thought, in a most unloving way, giving the gatekeeper the nickname for Richard. Just as I thought this, something landed on my hair. Seagull poop! Was this some kind of judgment for the less-than-loving energy I was sending out?

I went into the forbidden washroom where I attempted to clean up the mess in my hair. I told my story to a woman who was there. She laughed, opened her purse and offered me her extra armband, one that was reserved for boat owners. "Here, take this card." she said, It's for a complimentary drink. You sound like you could use it." I thanked her and, newly banded, went off to enjoy my pie.

Just as I finished my treat my son and his dad returned. We needed to leave by going past the gatekeeper. I held up my arm with its armband for him to see. I'd like to say my smile at him was loving. It was really defiance and triumph. When it comes to being in a loving place I really am a work in progress.

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