04/16/2013 06:32 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2013

What Do We Do Now?

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What do we do now? How do we break this cycle of insanity that is striving to become the norm in our world? After September 11 I was sure we would stay united and strong in our fight against evil. I was sure the lives lost that day would become our shepherds for humanity. Angels that would guide us toward love for each other -- not more hatred. I was sure the deeply twisted members of the human race that were capable of this apathetic attitude for life, would become the monsters that they are in the eyes of all -- not mentors for up-and-coming evil. I didn't expect that the terror that struck us that day would ignite a chain reaction of sick minds that gain some kind of pathetic meaning in their lives from their heinous, hateful, murderous acts.

One of my greatest fears about life today is that the young people and small children that are growing up with this insanity being the norm will come to think that it is. How many times can a young, forming mind have their psyche attacked with bombs, gunfire, or airplanes crashing through buildings before they accept that it is just another part of life, a piece of their existence, something to accept? Watch enough scary movies, and you stop being afraid.

We need to counter these horrific acts with examples of the opposite. For years I have been saying we are offering ugliness to our children in the name of entertainment and it is going to take its toll. In a sense, the media coverage that these sick individuals get from their pathetic actions are their shot at being the next reality TV star. We have in the name of freedom allowed poison to leach into the minds of our most precious resource -- our children. I don't know if this recent act is domestic or foreign. I don't know if it was concocted to bring fear or to display hatred. What I do know is that we need to do a much better job of bringing out examples of the good that exists in our world. I'm not saying that this rash of callousness towards life falls on the shoulders of the media, but I am saying they have more power than me, and you, to do something about it. We need to start being responsible for what our kids get to see as the norm by putting a better example out there for them -- and why not start with the big flatscreens that hang on our living room walls? Maybe it is time for the "reality" we are consuming to more closely resemble the reality we would like to be living, and more importantly, have our children and grandchildren grow up with. I know there are some people out there that are trying to make this happen -- but we all know that majority rules.

I don't think any peace-loving person can disagree that things need to change, and they need to change on many levels -- let's not be naïve enough to think that it only lies in the hands of the law. While lawmakers do what they need to do to bring change, we need to do our part. Let's be responsible grownups. Let's remember that just like when you feed a nation junk food, their bodies become riddled with disease -- so do our minds when filled with horror, despair, and indifference.

I am not going on the attack here, this is not a "put up your dukes -- I'm ready for battle" point of view. This is about humanity and an idea that I have that we need answers, not battles. My thought is create more of what we want out there. So come on, Hollywood -- what can you do with your money and star-power to save the planet? Sounds like the making of a good flick to me!

Please share in the comments below, how else we as a force of good, can bring about that change.

We (collectively) need to make this world a better place.

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