09/19/2014 04:37 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2014

Meet The Mom Who Takes Her Sitter EVERYWHERE (and 10 Reasons Why)

ONOKY - Eric Audras via Getty Images

Have you ever scoffed at the Mom who doesn't seem to leave home without her sitter or nanny in tow -- at birthday parties, school drop-off, Mommy and Me class? Maybe you even judged her for it, wondering why she can't go at it alone with her own kids. Before you jump to conclusions and cast judgment, let's explore the possible motivations -- they might convince you that the Mom with back up may be onto something.

1. She's a single mom. It's purely practical motivation. As a single parent, this woman goes at it alone each and every day. She'll gladly accept help when she can get it. Wouldn't you?

2. Her nanny is simply phenomenal. She's scored -- big time -- with a nanny who's come to feel like an indispensable member of the family. She's an especially gifted Baby Whisperer, and it's her and her alone that can calm the colicky baby.

3. The sitter IS a member of the family. She might be the nanny, but she's also Grandma. And that Mom? She's a loving daughter.

4. She does what's best for her kids. Her kids are happier and better cared for when the nanny does baby duty while she turns her full attention to the sibling learning to climb the monkey bars.

5. The sitter is her BFF. The demands of a career and parenting don't leave much time for making and developing personal friendships. The childcare provider becomes a natural target for friendship because she's already in the house.

6. She has a little separation anxiety. It may not be that Mom is bringing the nanny along. Rather, she's tagging along with the nanny and the kids she can't bear to be without.

7. Nannies are expensive. You might be looking at a Mom who is simply trying to maximize the bang for her buck.

8. She's outnumbered without her.

9. She feels bad leaving the nanny home alone. Seven in 10 nannies work full-time, spending 40 or more hours a week with a family and sometimes living with them (according to the International Nanny Association). It may be that Mom can't figure out how to leave her home without hurting her feelings.

10. It's been a rough week and she could use a little extra help. Need we say more?

Regardless of her reasons, you may want to cut the Mom with constant childcare back up a little slack. She may be smarter than you think... and she's surely resourceful. Whether you're looking to emulate her or to simply find a sitter now and then, my company, UrbanSitter can help you find childcare that's just the right fit for you.