01/08/2015 02:35 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2015

Build Your Business With a Memoir

It's a new year and that means everyone seems to be raring and ready to go with big goals and high aspirations! I love this type of energy that is flying around right now, and I've spoken to a lot of business owners who have "write a book" on their lists for 2015.

Have you dreamed of writing a book, perhaps a memoir, to help you build your business?

I published my memoir in August of 2014. Since doing that, I have seen tremendous growth and opportunities coming my way -- things that I never even imagined or could have predicted. In fact, published authors told me that I would see a shift in my business, but I really didn't "get it" until I put my memoir out into the world.

So you might be asking, how can publishing a memoir help me build my business? Below you will find just five benefits of publishing a memoir for business purposes:

  1. "Author status" immediately ups your game. A well-crafted book helps you stand out among other business owners.
  2. Once your memoir is out there, people want to talk with you more. This means more interviews, more speaking opportunities, and more visibility.
  3. Particularly with memoir, the storyline is often vulnerable and engaging. People will connect with you on a deeper level, and really understand what it is you truly stand for and are trying to accomplish in the world.
  4. You can use your memoir as your new business card. Carry it with you wherever you go, start conversations, break the ice, and really give people the chance to get to know who you are, as an author, a business owner, and a memoir writer.
  5. Publishing a book means another revenue stream for your business, once you begin marketing and selling it.

Is this the year that you write a memoir and build your personal brand and business brand? If this excites you, I encourage you to set a little bit of time aside each day to write.

The "secret" to finishing a book is to work on it a little each day. Many want-to-be authors I speak with never get started, or never make significant progress, simply because the task seems so large. And -- they are right. Writing a book is a large task, but just like all large tasks in life, if you break them down into smaller pieces, you will make great progress in completing your manuscript.