12/12/2011 09:34 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2012

Should Bernie Sanders Run For President?

On Senator Bernie Sander's latest post, HuffPost user aflevine had an interesting suggestion: that he has brought forward this critical Amendment, Bernie is perfectly positioned to announce his candidacy for President. This issue would immediatel­y gain huge traction. As President, he could then use the bully pulpet to drive this to closure with broad support from the people. It would redefine the entire election. Bernie could easily compete with Obama in a debate. It's such an appealing picture that I dearly hope that this is what occurs.

What's your take?
  • Is Senator Sanders setting himself up for a Presidential run? For 2012 or 2016?
  • If Sen. Sander's ran for president now, would it 'redefine the entire election'?
  • Would he have a good chance at winning, and if so, what are the important sides on which issues does Senator Sanders take that President Obama does not?
  • Would he be a formidable opponent to the GOP contenders?