03/28/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Song Could Save Your Life!

What do the World Series and colonoscopies have in common? When my doctor asked me to have a colonoscopy, I said, "I'll do it when the Red Sox win the World Series." They hadn't done it in 86 years and I thought I was safe. But that year the Red Sox did win and I dutifully went in for my test. The night before I drank a little liquid, it cleaned out my intestines, I went to sleep and the next morning in about an hour I was done with the test. It wasn't bad at all and I know I don't have polyps or colon cancer.

But I'm not the only person who looks for a way to put off that test, even though it can detect the second most common cause of cancer death in men and women (even more than breast cancer) when it is still a precancerous polyp. Common reasons people don't get a colonoscopy are not being told by their doctor to get one, fear of pain or finding cancer, and embarrassment.

To help people overcome their fear, I wrote a colonoscopy song and play it for you on the video below. It's part of HealthRock. My idea is that if people can sing about something, they can talk about it. And if they can talk about it, they can do something about it.

Before Colon Cancer Awareness Month slips away I want to encourage you one more time to get yours. I've included the words below. The first verse tells you why you need one. The second verse tells you the signs and symptoms. The third verse explains about the preparation and why it's important. The chorus sums it up.

Enjoy the video. Have you had a colonoscopy? Comment on why you decided to do it. If not, comment on why not.

Light At The End Of Your Tunnel

Colon cancer's silent but it's killer number two
Silently a' growing deep inside of you
If you find it early, you'll be cancer free
That's why when you're 50 get a colonoscopy


You need a light at the end of your tunnel
Searching for a bump in the road
In order to see with more clarity
First you've got to lighten your load

Each year have your doctor check for occult blood in you
And tell them about bright, red blood or dark and tarry pooh
If colon cancer or polyps run in your family
Then you need to schedule a colonoscopy

(Repeat Chorus)

If your colon's loaded, it's not much of a view
But enemas and liquid meds will flush it out of you
Next day when it's empty, your doctor can see
Just in time for you to have your colonoscopy

© Mache Seibel, MD (ASCAP) HealthRock Publishing

I've created a FREE singing colonoscopy eCard with a snippet of the colonoscopy song that you can sent to a friend or loved one to encourage them to get a light at the end of their tunnel.

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