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46 Reasons My Mom or Dad Might Be Freaking Out

About a year ago, I read the hilarious Jason Good's "46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out." After reading this, I thought it would be funny to do a similar list, only told from a preschooler's perspective. (Don't worry, I ran the idea past Jason, and he was cool with it.) Many of these I have experienced firsthand; others I'm not 'fessing up to personally -- like Jason, we'll just call them educated guesses. I know I can't do the original justice, but here you go:

46 Reasons My Mom or Dad Might Be Freaking Out

1. I'm constantly freaking out about something. OK, anything and everything.

2. I'm eating my boogers. And my sister's.

3. I ate an entire box of Raisinets while mommy was in the shower.

4. I have explosive diarrhea and it's getting on everything.

5. I keep touching my explosive diarrhea.

6. I've spilled my milk for the sixth time today. And it's not even lunchtime yet.


7. I'm chewing some gum I found stuck to the chair at the Walgreens pharmacy.

8. I've started modeling my behavior after Caillou.

9. I took off all of my clothes 30 seconds before we were supposed to leave for daycare.

10. I ate the last Samoa Girl Scout cookie.

11. I took a permanent marker to the couch.

12. I won't stop blowing a whistle.

13. I dunked daddy's phone in a big glass of iced tea.

14. I ran out into the parking lot chasing a leaf.

15. I puked all over the dog.

16. I accidentally called 911 from mommy's cell phone. Again.

17. I flooded the bathroom while giving my dinosaurs a bath.

18. I spilled nail polish on the beige carpet.

19. I'm drinking milk from a sippy cup we lost four days ago.

20. I'm playing in the cat's litter box.

21. I trapped my brother in the dryer and now he's stuck in there.

22. I smeared peanut butter and jelly all over the TV screen.

23. I fed my 8-month-old brother some rocks.

24. I locked my mommy out of the house.

25. I'm not sure if that's chocolate or poop I just smeared on my sister's shirt.

26. I kept pushing buttons and erased a month's worth of stuff on the DVR.

27. I ate one of those packets I found in a shoe box.

28. I keep sneaking sips of water from the bird bath.

29. I put my finger in the cat's butt.

30. I left the freezer door open and no one noticed for a few hours.

31. I ripped the pages out of mommy's first edition of Where the Wild Things Are.

32. I keep shouting "penis" as we walk through the grocery store.

33. I like to put coins in the car air vents.

34. I pulled all of the stuffing out of one of the couch cushions.

35. I shoved three peas up my nose and one in my ear.

36. I deleted daddy's Clash of Clans account.

37. I threw my shoe out of the car window.

38. I kicked my dad in the nuts.

39. I snuck a diaper into the washing machine.

40. I keep trying to use a plastic bag as my superhero mask.

41. I stepped on the CD that had all of the pictures from our vacation on it.

42. I pulled off all of the tops from the Keurig k-cups.

43. I thought my mommy's hemorrhoid cream was an acceptable alternative to toothpaste.

44. I smashed all of my goldfish into my car seat and then dumped my apple juice on top.

45. I keep teasing my sister and making her scream. Because I can.

46. I found some funny-looking toys in mommy and daddy's bedroom.

So, what's on your list?

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