08/01/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

HuffPost Book Club: Side Notes

A recent comment on our book club discussion points out an odd moment in "The Sun Also Rises," in which Hemingway writes, "He was the archivist, and all the archives of the town were in his office. That has nothing to do with the story."

"I just thought this is such an unlikely piece of commentary, based on what I've read of Hemingway so far," our commenter wrote.

We've noticed a few other eccentricities that seem to break up the flow of the story, such as Jake's extensive discussion aficionados. Do these side notes add to the quality of the book, or do they come across as pompous distractions?

We'll also discuss the changes in the way the scenery is described from Paris to Burguete and Jake and Bill's banter by the river.