03/28/2012 01:44 pm ET Updated May 28, 2012

Kony 2012: Uniting a Generation

The thing about being a teenager is that the rest of the world's population loves telling you that you're insignificant. The truth, however, is that every second of your life that is spent on this Earth is spent changing the lives of those around you. Here's my only question: Are you doing everything in your power to make this world better?

My entire life, I have been blessed. Not in the epically cheesy way, either. I have been given every opportunity in the world to better myself. As I type, I am sitting in the bed in my dorm room listening to my roommate snore. To my left is my pillow pet, and to my right is an open window.

Outside of the window is a world filled with so many wonders. Directly outside of my window, however, is a frat house. It is safe to say that, like me, the residents are not getting sleep tonight, but unlike myself, they most definitely aren't spending it blogging. It's all right, though -- I enjoy writing to their erratic mixture of country, oldies and rap.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I've wondered what exactly I should write about, but I always find that when something's truly important to me, writing it is the easiest part. Words never fail me. Words are my tool. Words are my weapon, and words can change the world.

That's the problem with us as a generation, though -- we don't understand the power that we have. Did we not learn from the movements of the 1960s? The youth of the world can unite under one voice to change everything.

The change that I am calling for, however, is a very significant one. Invisible Children has recently launched a new campaign to aid the people of Uganda and their surrounding countries to put a stop to the terror that Joseph Kony is imposing on the African people.

Kony has spent the past 26 years raping, kidnapping, mutilating and imprisoning children into his armies. Invisible Children is an organization that works to stop Kony in his mission for power, and they do so by creating awareness.

Invisible Children has created an army of its own. More than 41 million people have viewed its video, and its latest mission is to create awareness around the travesties that Joesph Kony is performing in these nations.

Invisible Children will be working from now until December 2012 to do just this. The campaign will officially begin on April 20, when teens around the world will sweep the streets of cities and "Cover the Night" with posters of Kony's face.

For 26 years, the world has been ignoring the travesties that Kony has performed, but those years of terror have ended. The world will know Joseph Kony's face. Every home will hear of his actions, and we hope enough people will pay attention for the people of the world to come together and stop him.

Don't let your voices be muted. Your voice matters just as much as mine does. Every single person in the world has a chance to cause change. Let me just ask you this: What is the change that you're causing? You only live once. What do you want to leave for the world?