04/02/2012 11:04 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

The Twilight Saga v. The Hunger Games : Battle Royale

From blood-sucking vampires to post-apocalyptic societies, Twilight and The Hunger Games seem to be as opposite as chocolate and vanilla; however one fact remains. These two books-turned-blockbusters dominate the box office with every movie produced.

If you've been following young Hollywood in the past five years, then you've surely heard of The Twilight Saga, and you've heard every horrible review synonymous with the films. For people who aren't familiar The Hunger Games, the newest teen film sensation, and the differences between it and Twilight, here are five major factors that set The Hunger Games apart:

A Strong Heroine
Twilight is known for Bella's dramatic and paralyzing love and dependence for her vampire love interest, Edward. The Hunger Game's Katniss, on the other hand, is independent. Katniss doesn't need Gale or Peeta. Katniss throws herself in eminent danger in order to save her sister from the infamous Hunger Games. Bella's world, however, crumbles around her the second that Edward leaves town.

A Love Triangle Among Actual Humans
It's safe to say that the vampire/werewolf fetish has taken off. You can't go down the teen section of bookstores without running into an entirely new genre, the "Paranormal Romance." The fantasy love stories have gotten out of hand, but the love triangle between Peeta, Gale and Katniss seems to be a refreshing look at romance. Katniss may have two men fighting over her, but she doesn't let that blind her of what is really important: staying alive and fighting the Capital.

More Plot, Less Love
No woman or tween girl can resist a good love story, but the intricate plot behind Suzanne Collins' books and the movie that followed them brings much more to both its readers and audiences. While Twilight revolves around Bella's internal battle of whether or not to date a murdering vampire, whether or not to sleep with a murdering vampire and how she'll be able to lose her virginity to a reluctant vampire who might kill her, Katniss has bigger worries.

How can she feed her family while in the Games? How will she protect her family while thousands of miles away being played like a puppet and how will she get out of the Games alive when everyone around her is waiting for the chance to kill her? Most importantly though, how can she take everything that she's been through and use it against the Capital?

Themes That Anyone Can Relate To
Some of the themes that dominate the Twilight books and films alike include, romance and... That's about it. Bella's in love with Edward. Edward loves Bella so much that he leaves her. Bella uses Jacob because she's lonely. Jacob falls in love with Bella. Edward comes back. Bella marries Edward and becomes a teen mom. The End.

In comparison, The Hunger Games revolves around Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a girl from the impoverished District 12, who takes her younger sister's place in the gladiator-style Hunger Games. Katniss reluctantly kills fellow contestant after contestant with only one motive, to save herself and the other contestant from her district, Peeta Mellark. After surviving their first Hunger Games, danger lurks around every corner for Katniss and an uprising among the districts is eminent all thanks to the heroic actions of Katniss herself.

Selling Sex v. Selling Quality
The only respectable reason to pay $9 to see the Twilight films is for the chance to see Taylor Lautner shirtless, which, luckily for the audience, happens quite a bit. When Taylor Lautner isn't shirtless and growling, Twilight's other leading men are sizzling the big screen.

While it cannot be denied that The Hunger Games' male actors, including the likes of Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, are attracting audiences everywhere, the sex they're selling is one of a refined quality. The success of the film does not revolve around abs and biceps, but a more dignified superiority that Hollywood's greatest films pride themselves on.