07/17/2013 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Top Quotes in Illinois

Last week Governor Pat Quinn fulfilled his threat to lawmakers that if they did not come up with a proposed solution to the pension crisis, they will face consequences. Well, they failed to come up with a proposal, and the Governor decided to hit them where it hurts the most...Right in the wallet. After Quinn announced that he will be suspending lawmakers' salaries, there were many reactions that ranged from cheers to jeers, and we want to know: What did you think of Gov. Quinn's decision to freeze legislators' paychecks?

Also, Reboot Illinois COO, Madeleine Doubek, had an exclusive Q&A with State Rep. Jack Franks (D- Marengo) and discussed his stance on the growing battle between Progressive Tax vs. Flat Tax.

In case you missed last week's highlights, be sure to check out the slideshow below, from the Capitol to the Windy City, here are my Top Notable Quotables!

My Top Quotes in Illinois

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