08/07/2013 11:00 am ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

Social Media Buzz-Meter: Who's Got More Friends, Followers?

When Bill Daley announced his official entry into the 2014 race for governor on July 30, his press release touted the number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers his campaign had amassed since its establishment on June 11. In the social media age, this has emerged as an important metric in determining a candidate's strength. Our first Buzz-Meter on June 24 showed Daley barely registering on the social media scale. This update shows he's moving up, but so is everyone else.

Who's leading? Who's following? Who's flexing their social media power and speaking to the people in the campaigns? Get your up, down, out-front and behind-the-scenes look at the top races right here in our 2014 section.