08/29/2012 10:42 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Experiencing Stillness

There are no prerequisites for experiencing stillness. Nor is finding this kind of inner quiet exclusive to serious meditators or those who call themselves spiritual.

Stillness, rather, is something that exists for and in us all. It is a deep tranquility and calm that is free from reliance on the fluctuations of our crazy shifty minds and turbulent stories. And it has little to do with motion or lack thereof and much more to do with a beautiful, internal, gentle steadiness, inherently soft but also quite strong and resilient.

Sounding elusive? Here's the deal: For those of us interested in tapping a deeper, wiser, less ruffled, and more even way of being, the stillness inside is our teacher. The question is not about whether we are capable or worthy or committed enough to experience it, but whether we are ready to be willing and eager students. In other words, are we ready to let our own sweet and unique expressions of stillness instruct us in how to go about our days?

This summer, the room destined for our new baby has become a sanctum of stillness for me. It serves as my yoga, sitting, writing, and deep listening laboratory. Sometimes I go in there and just flop. Sometimes I go in there to write in the middle of the night about every single fear I have about labor and birth. Sometimes I just lie on my side with a big pillow under my pregnant, veiny leg, sit more formally in front of the wall, or try to stretch my back out.

What I have discovered over these past four weeks is that what I end up doing in the baby's room is actually pretty inconsequential. What is of far greater importance is that every time I go into that room, I surrender to the full sensation of inner stillness. This surrender, this profound belief in the power of stillness has indeed become the name of my game. Because when we truly experience stillness, we naturally become more aware, more easeful, more alive, and more okay. Who wouldn't want that?

And so I entreat you: Where and how does inhabiting stillness become the name of your own unique game? Remember, no matter how frazzled or hungover or just plain muddled you are feeling, stillness is always available, 100 percent free of charge, and already wholly inside of you. It is just a matter of opening to it.

In sweet stillness,


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