02/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

From Big-name Fashion to Banking, A Green Headquarters is Now a Must

Somewhere, there's a little black book that contains everything you need to know to create a successful business: In the 21st century, that book says green headquarters. Global financial crisis or not, more and more big-name companies--from banking to fashion, to computers--are adding a sustainable headquarters to their resumes.

daine von furstenberg headquarters photo

Image courtesy of Work Architecture Company

1. Diane von Furstenberg
Patterned wrap dresses slip nicely into the 35,000-square-foot six-story New York headquarters serving Diane von Furstenberg and her crew. Designed by Work Architecture Company, this slick space comes with geothermal heating and cooling and a green roof. On the exterior, energy-efficient LEDs impart an evening dress-glow.

herzog de meuron BBVA bank headquarters rendering

Image courtesy of

2. Swiss banking Group BBVA
Ok, so the renderings kind of look like a dime stuck in a wafer cookie, but Herzog and de Meuron know their stuff (and have until 2013 to figure it out). Located outside Madrid, where it is so dry it is practically a desert, this headquarters for Spanish banking group BBVA will boast lush green gardens, precise energy-saving shading, its own microclimate, Photovoltaic panels, and greywater recycling.

dell headquarters photo

Photo courtesy of Dell

3. Dell's Global Headquarters
Even the tech industry is jumping on board this green headquarters craze: Dell decided to go full-on carbon neutral at its home base. That means the computer giant purchases green power, verified emission reductions, and renewable energy certificates. Plus, the company reports CO2 emissions data and has joined the Carbon Disclosure Project's Supply Chain Leadership Coalition. If things go as planned, Dell will also be at 99 percent internal recycling in 2012 (they are currently at 95 percent, which isn't too shabby).

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