12/03/2012 08:57 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2013

Changing of the Guards

At this point in the season, change is for the good or for the best interest of the team. The time has come for two football teams to make a decision on their starting quarterbacks. The San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick replaced Alex Smith when he suffered a concussion two weeks ago. The 49ers won the last two games under Kaepernick and he just got the nod to start his third game.

"I don't know if it's a hot hand or whatever you want to call it," said Colin. "But I'm just happy I get to go back out there."

The Monday Night victory over the Chicago Bears was his best work. The way he moved out of the pocket and passed the ball was an understatement on what this guy can do. But Kaepernick's second start against the New Orleans Saints proved he was the one to lead this team. Not an easy decision by any means and certainly not fair to sit Alex Smith for suffering a concussion but when you have two good quarterbacks, what do you do?

Head coach Jim Harbaugh has already stated "we'll go with the hotter hand." However, if anyone has a comment about the recent changes it's Smith. After being cleared to play by the doctors, Alex wants his starting job back but the young, swift more agile player in Colin has him questioning if that's going to be possible?

"It sucks," Alex said. "I feel like the only thing I did to lose my job was get a concussion."

Across the Bay Bridge, the "changing of the guards" continues. The Oakland Raiders also have some decisions to make with their starting quarterback as well. Unlike San Francisco's 8-2 record, the Raiders have suffered many set backs since bringing on a new staff, which includes head coach Dennis Allen.

Former head coach Hue Jackson left a mess for Allen to resolve. Especially, with Carson Palmer who has failed in leading this offense to victory. The turn overs, getting in the end zone and the struggles in getting past third downs has been a problem all season. Palmer has taken the blame for many of the offenses woes but at this point something has got to change.

While the misery of losing becomes frustrating, all is to blame. It's no longer the offense but the defense as well. The head coach has said repeatedly, that "this team must continue to get better." After their eighth loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland has decided to activate their third quarterback Terrelle Pryor for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

No word on if Carson will be benched but this definitely makes a statement as to the disappointment thus far. With five games left, the Raiders should take a page out of the 49ers notebook on how they used both Smith and Kaepernick with the "wild cat." At this point in the season, it doesn't hurt to shake things up for a win.

"There will be a time where we've got to look at him and see what he can do," said Dennis. "We need to look at any options at this point with everybody."