04/22/2015 03:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Curry's Rise to Stardom, When Will You Believe?

2015-04-22-1429731168-2554409-SPORTSBKNPELICANSWARRIORS5CC.jpegPhoto by SPORTS BKN

Oakland, CA - Two games into the playoffs and the Golden State Warriors lead the series 2-0 over the New Orleans Pelicans. Yet, the Warriors are still not the favorite to win it all. No problem, they have plenty of time to prove they can achieve that goal. The hardest sale isn't the NBA's best team in the league, its the star player.

Three years ago, you probably wouldn't be able to name five players off Golden State's roster. Now the team is a house hold name, airing on the national level throughout the season. Clearly, the Warriors are the hottest team in the NBA and Curry's rise to stardom this season has been a world wind for all.

Collectively, its been an amazing show every night at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Runner up for Coach Of The Year, Steve Kerr did a phenomenal job this year. Draymond Green is a lock for the Defensive Player Of The Year and then the MVP race. Going back as far as I can remember the same teams won the NBA Championship and only a few marquee players were given with the MVP award.

The Boston Celtics, Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and the San Antonio Spurs have dominated in both categories. It takes a lot to develop and be apart of a winning franchise as well as an elite group. Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have controlled the MVP race multiple times. Among the new faces emerging, James Harden of the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Curry.

James has been the last player to win the award four times. Who will be next? For now only Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Kevin Durant of the Thunder have won it once. As we await the new MVP this year, Curry has proven to be the league's best guard. Though Harden seems to be the favorite to win the award, Curry is not far behind. He was the top vote getter in the NBA All-Star ballot, and has led his team to the best record in the NBA.

Statistically, Curry hasn't won the respect of everyone. The Warriors are off to a great start in the playoffs but are not predicted to win it all. Especially when it comes to dethroning the Spurs who have been a challenge this season and in years past. After all, this is the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. Curry's playing at a high level and his performance has been spectacular.

The small guard globetrotter like moves, quick release off the three-point shot and his crossover dribble is just insane. Let's not forget Curry's "sick" backwards crossover that left Chris Paul tripping on his own feet landing him on the floor. That happened in the Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State's final game of the season in LA. He continues to get better each game and its not enough to get a unanimous vote for MVP.

Curry's work ethic is nothing short of pure dedication. Many of the best players practiced their craft daily. Just last week, he made seventy-seven 3-point shots back-to-back. And that was just practice. The Warriors know they haven't been accepted as a elite team yet but that's going to change soon. Former Golden State's head coach, Mark Jackson picked Harden over Curry for this years MVP.

Unfazed, Curry looks ahead to win it all. And he seems to be off to a good start. Back in 1975-76 the Warriors set a franchise record of 59 wins. Today, the current team set a new record finishing the season 67-15. How can you ignore that? Especially in a tough Western Conference race. The accolades have been great along the way but it means nothing unless they win a NBA Championship.

Well, sit back and watch because this maybe the year. The only obstacle we see is San Antonio. Until those teams meet again, the journey doesn't end until the NBA Finals. I'm not advising you to jump on the bandwagon. I'm simply saying if you're not a fan, look closer and you may become one. If Curry's awarded the MVP, it'll be the changing of the guards! It doesn't happen often but when it does, it'll be outstanding. Among an elite group of guards only a few rise to become the best. Curry's has done that this season. When will you believe?