06/12/2012 04:49 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

Victory in the Hands of Women

Los Altos Hills, CA - For women the traditional paths to success are often different than those taken by men. But there is a constant path that both successful genders generally follow. That pathway is called networking.

Men network -- especially those in the old boys club -- share information and give key advice on how to do business, find a job or get a contract. Women, especially those who've attained high corporate positions, should broaden their circle and share and show other women how to navigate the halls of power and influence. 

"I'm very passionate about this organization in the valley," said Marlene Williamson [VP of Corporate Marketing at HGST].  "This group is cross industry, it has provided a forum for executive women to get together to share, support and promote one another."
Times are certainly changing, and more high powered women are heading top companies.  The internet has opened doors and helped large numbers of women instantly gain access to decision-makers. The internet is one of the most effective pathways for women in business. 
Social networking allows one to engage in social clubs that can help to make you better. 
"I've worked a long time in my life but nothing is as fulfilling than being apart of Watermark," Chief Executive Officer Marilyn Nagel said. "We want to provide inclusive, diverse and well-balanced workplaces. The woman in this organization are extraordinary in every capacity."
The women of Watermark are unique in the fact that they are a community of executive women.  As a non-profit membership organization located on the Peninsula, they create content and opportunities that help top executive women accelerate in their careers while networking with other executive women.
Current CEO Mrs. Nagel was Chief Diversity Officer (Inclusion and Diversity, I&D) at Cisco. The options are unlimited in just how much knowledge is provided.  Seminars, speakers and social events are available in getting you further in your career.  Many would compare this type of organization to that of a sorority.  But it's more than sisterhood or bonding of women like you. 
Power is limited and mostly dominated by men.  To sit on a board seat is more than a skill, it's a path of hard work and accomplishments along the way.  Women of all ages and walks of life come together for one common goal at Watermark. 
"I look for groups that align with your values and look for the kind of caliber to surround yourself with," said Mariah Cherniss [Blue Beyond Consulting].  "Networking and meeting people is genuine and despite the positions, it's a familiar and comfortable environment.  It made us want to be apart (Sponsorship to Watermark) to turn around and help others as well."