07/07/2010 09:53 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Jim Carrey on The Power of Intention

My father taught me and my brother at a very young age about the power of intention, and how we could create our own destiny. As I have mentioned before, he would have us recite the following every morning:

I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience

And set the goals I will achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me,

I ask for and receive as I have asked.

He would then have us ask for specific things in our life. Like love, connection, affluence, etc.

Many others also speak about the power of intention including Echkart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Lynne McTaggart. A friend on Twitter just sent me a link on actor, Jim Carrey, speaking quite eloquently about the power of Intention.

I am so excited to see how our community here on is truly living the practice of stating intentions daily. What wonderful, positive energy we are creating to heal ourselves, society and the planet.

Thank you!

Mallika Chopra is the founder of, a site focused on personal, social and global wellness.