12/01/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Roman Polanski vs. The Plight Of A Little Boy

In the last 2 weeks, there have been two high profile, celebrity stories about rape -- Roman Polanski's arrest in Switzerland this past weekend for a crime he committed decades ago, and Mackenzie Phillip's reveal on Oprah that her father, John Phillips from the Mama's and Papas, raped her, and then had an ongoing, incestual, consenting relationship with her.

While these two stories have certainly been unsettling and controversial, a third story has kept me up every night this week -- anguish by a friend about a momentary glimpse into the molestation of a young boy by an older man -- a young boy, perhaps 10 years old, whose face remains a mystery, but whose safety has consumed my thoughts. I find myself praying every night that the police will track down the molester, and help an innocent child find a path to healing.

While there is controversy that a 76-year old Roman Polanski has been arrested for a crime he committed decades ago, the fact remains that he drugged and raped a 13-year old girl. Let us not forget that Roman Polanski committed a crime, and then fled the country.

The victim appears to have forgiven him, reached a settlement years ago, and recently asked for the charges to be dropped. It seems she continues to focus on her own healing, only to be faced with the trauma over and over again by the media. The healing process for a victim of violence and molestation is undoubtedly a life long process. But, once again, this was a crime against a young girl who was drugged and molested by an older, powerful man.

Roman Polanski led a very tragic life leading up to the rape -- he lost his mother during World War II in a concentration camp, and his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Manson family -- horrors that I cannot even imagine. But does that excuse the crime?

Undoubtedly, the molester of the boy who haunts my dreams has issues -- perhaps he was molested as a child? Perhaps he is on drugs -- does being high on cocaine provide any sort of excuse for John Phillips if he did indeed rape his own daughter? Crimes come with their own karma -- often very tragic karma by the one who is committing them. But, a line has to be drawn somewhere when it comes to dealing with hard issues like child molestation.

While Mr. Polanski has high profile friends who have written a joint letter demanding his release, there is no special reason why he should be exempt from the law. Said law, admittedly, is filled with bias, but why should a filmmaker -- who may be brilliant, a great mentor, a good co-worker -- be treated any differently?

I want the man who is out there molesting that little boy that I heard about this week locked away. I want him treated for his psychosis. I want to the boy to be freed from his clutches.

Sexual abuse is unacceptable -- whether it is happening now or in the past.

No one person should be exempt from the law when it comes to hurting a child. No one.

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