02/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Can You do as an Individual to Uplift Humanity?

As I listened to President Obama's speech today, his reflections on the individuals who throughout history have taken steps to improve their worlds struck me. As a humanity we have overcome war, genocide, inequality, disease, and so much more. And, ultimately it is individuals who have gathered together to make lasting change happen.

So, today, I want to reflect on what we as individuals can do to serve humanity.

For me, personally, it begins at home. To be a loving mother to my daughters and give them security and confidence to navigate their world. The power that each of us has in our families, particularly as mothers, is incredible. We shape the world view, the biases, the sense of understanding and compassion in our children. As a mother, I can expose my children to different people, places, ideas and philosophies so that they are more empathetic and connected to others.

As a writer and someone who likes to connect with people from around the world, I hope to seek new ways for global dialogue, connection and inspiration. I truly believe that it is our global communities and connection that begin the healing process for us as individuals, a society and a planet. Sites like Huffington Post, Beliefnet, Yahoo Shine, my own site, Intent, and so many others are great platforms for this dialogue and connection.

I would love to hear from others ideas on how we can serve our world today and in the future. Lets support each other in these worthy intentions!

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