05/28/2012 08:03 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2012

One Poem: "Conversation Piece #1"

"Conversation Piece #1"

Remember that time you were so drunk you forgot your name, and decided in the cab to the hotel to change it to the nearest street -- it worked after West Fourth Street, West Street the Fourth was the talk of the town remember that night?

Who was that girl we were with anyway, she was weird. I always say, you know how I always say that people with multicolor hair are trying to make statements with words they were too dumb to learn in school -- that girl. She was there because she at least had ecstasy; after we called at least five of the other usual shadows -- all empty, no dice baby.

... Or maybe that was the night before when my grandmother had died? When I had the penthouse free? At least five iPhones were left in my freezer, but all the Cuervo was gone? So weird, right?

I just love the story of how we met, in high school, like -- it's so New York but not in that post-Woody Allen Girls archetype New York "how we met" kind of way. Oh my god, I am talking so much, I might have gone in the bathroom and done a little yay I know I know I know I am so so bad.

But anyway, have I told you how awesome you look tonight?