01/04/2012 01:54 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

One Poem: Shedding the Weight

Shedding The Weight

You are the whore the holy scripture penned
That the hands of ancient dust wrote of,
That blew as the winds did
The young face that is a disease, I am ill at ease now you are infected
From the framework of frozen bone I would love to break
Underneath worn boots, my laces are frayed but
Expensive, and the snap is excessive
Under weight
It is impressive how easily your body takes shape to violence,
I can't remember the last time we touched like this

And you will find others to carry your weight
And cargo to carry your bait, and living rooms to carry your
Set and matched dinner plates
A belly to carry children, so they may hold your burden in their heart
Your veins are withered,
Your heart is cold
You are the whore who was never plentiful,
You have become old in your age
You lost the magic of disease,
You blew as a wind may have
As it should have,
As it will
An airborne wind that carries only dirt
And sand
To irritate my eyes