04/24/2012 05:29 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Combat Common Beauty Blunders

Every girl has her own reason to wear make-up, whether it's boosting her confidence or faking a fuller pout. But in all my years as a make-up artist, I've never met a woman who wanted make-up to leave her looking old. So WHY are women still using techniques that age them?? There are a few common make-up mishaps that I spot over and over again, that are so easy to correct! When used strategically, powder, liner, gloss and mascara can take off years and put all eyes on you -- in a good way. It's time to banish these beauty blunders once and for all and make sure you look your most amazing.

Mistake: Turning to translucent powder.
Translucent powder is the enemy! It washes out your complexion, drying and caking on the skin, resulting in an overall older look.
Fight the powder and trade in your old translucent powder for a truly clear alternative like my Face Defender.

Before applying any makeup, make sure your skin is well-hydrated by using a rich moisturizer. A powder foundation offers a soft, natural looking coverage. Using a fluffy brush, apply all over the face, buffing the product into the skin.

Finish off with my Face Defender to set your makeup and reduce the appearance of any pores and fine lines.

Mistake: Using dramatic lip liner to define the cupids bow. This is an old-fashioned way of applying lip color that instantly ages you.
Solution: Instead, use a neutral liner for a defining and plumping, effect.
First, gently exfoliate your lips to create a soft, smooth canvas (a baby toothbrush works well).
Use a neutral lip liner to line the lips as you normally would, but instead of defining the cupid's bow, connect the peaks, which will make lips look naturally fuller and more supple.
Finish off by applying a light colored gloss to highlight this area.

Mistake: Applying lip gloss just on the inside of lips.
Sure, swiping on some gloss across your bottom lip is a time-saver, but it definitely doesn't help you experience all the youth-ifying benefits of your trusty lip gloss.
Go all the way, baby! I recommend that you take your lip gloss all the way to the edge of your mouth for a fuller appearance, which imparts a more youthful look to your complexion.

Mistake: Incorrectly wielding your mascara wand.
Most women usually apply mascara by pulling the wand out to their ear, but there's a better way to give your luscious lashes some oomph, while also widening and brightening your eyes.
First, use an over-the-counter eye drop to clear up any redness or irritation in your eyes.
Invest in an eyelash curler to give your eyes that "wide-awake" look before applying mascara.
I'm a fan of the three-pump system: start at the base of the lashes, then squeeze in the middle and end with a squeeze at the top.

When applying your mascara, use the wand to direct the lashes in toward the bridge of the nose. This give eyes the bright, youthful starburst effect.

Mistake: Drawing a thick line across the lash line. This is a surefire way of making your eyes seem closed, tired and aged.
The thicker your eyeliner is, the more it closes the eye. Instead of trying to line your eye in one swoop, "walk" your liner back and forth across the lash line.

To avoid that "line" of skin that can appear between your lashes and your liner, work the liner right into the lashes. This is also going to help create the illusion of a thicker lash line! Have some Q-Tips Precision Tip Cotton Swabs on hand to gently smudge the liner, for a soft, sultry effect!

There you have it! By incorporating a few easy tips into your daily beauty routine, you'll see how simple it is to turn back time and look fierce and fabulous at any age.

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