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How to Go Green for Earth Day

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Earth Day comes just once a year, but it's a good time to think about the eco-friendly changes you can make all the time. Check out these easy ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help the environment.

1. Carry a water bottle.

About 38 billion plastic water bottles crowd landfills each year, according to environmental research group Pacific Institute. And by carrying your own reusable water bottle, you'll not only be helping the environment -- you'll be saving money, too. In total, Americans spend $15 billion on bottled water every year.

2. Reduce your paper use.

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3. Use grocery totes.

Save plastic and paper by using your own reusable grocery tote bags. They usually cost a dollar or less and are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative.

4. Opt for a reusable coffee mug. 

Help save the planet (and your money) by using your own reusable coffee mug for your morning Joe. Most coffee shops offer discounts when you bring your own mug -- you just fill it up there and you're on your way.

5. Eat local foods.

Eating locally produced foods, like fruits and vegetables, improves your health and helps the fight against global warming. Do some research online to find farmer's markets in your area.

6. Take public transit.

Experts estimate that the more than 130 million cars in the United States produce an ecological footprint that's larger than the size of Texas. Reducing how much you drive can help reduce it. If you live in a city that offers a convenient and reliable public transportation system, use it!

7. Recycle.

Recycling saves energy, reduces pollution, conserves natural resources and has numerous economical benefits.

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