04/18/2014 06:03 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

Manilla Mini: How to Transition Your Wardrobe Through Seasons

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Ready to ditch your winter wardrobe but don't have the budget for a spring makeover? Maximize your wardrobe by transitioning your winter items into the warmer months. Here are some easy ways you can do it. Watch the video here

1. Mix and match

Spring is the perfect time to play with layers, textures and volume. I love pairing a girly spring dress with tomboy accessories, like booties and a jean jacket. Matching a warm, flirty dress with winter booties makes for a pleasingly unexpected combination.

2. Try white

Tired of winter's dark hues? Brighten up your wardrobe by pairing a black winter sweater with white jeans or trousers. This way, you're putting a fresh spin on an item you already own.

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Transitioning from season to season is all about accessorizing. For spring, try pairing your dark sweaters and jeans with pops of pastel colors and floral prints. You can take a plain navy dress and give it a spring vibe with a floral print scarf, colorful jewelry and printed shoes.

4. DIY

Spring trends are enticing -- and expensive. Why not have your cake and eat it to by getting crafty? Make a statement with a faux leopard studded clutch.

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