09/29/2015 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travel Hacking: Charge Your Phone at a Hotel Without the Wall Plug


Forgot the plug? No converter? Have a smartphone? Ahem, just plug it into the TV.

This post originally appeared on Map Happy.

Who knows how many times I've done a very thorough job of packing everything... except my phone charger. Thanks to this Lifehacker tip there is no longer any need to go buy a new charger when you've forgotten it on the road. Chances are most hotel TVs (mainly smart TV's) have a USB port. 

Regardless of the suggested use of your television's USB port, chances are it receives power. That means you can actually use it to charge USB devices, such as your smartphone or even a game controller.


This works for almost anything that has a USB port being powered by something else. Here's also a list of other uses for the unused ports in the back of TVs.

Miranda Ashton is an editorial intern at Map Happy. She is a student at New York University.

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