Governor Martinez: FREE New Mexico's Children From the Paddle

An Open Letter to Governor Susana Martinez from Marc Ecko and the Unlimited Justice* campaign

Dear Governor Martinez:

On Friday, March 18th, the New Mexico Senate followed the lead of the House of Representatives and passed HB 172, voting 22-17 in favor of ending corporal punishment in your state's public schools.

The bill is on your desk for signature. It's your turn to act. You will make the final difference.

By signing this bill into law, 330,000 children in New Mexico will finally go to school in a paddle-free environment - free from the fear of being hit by larger adults whose job is to nurture their educational and emotional growth, not induce violence.

Given your career history of protecting New Mexico's children as a former District Attorney, your signature can serve as a beacon for the rest of the nation.

You ran for the Governor's office on an agenda supporting children and families, and you have already announced an action plan to better police child abuse in your state.

While some people may try to influence you to allow local districts to decide whether or not to employ corporal punishment, this clearly runs counter to the work you have done over the years and that which you've promised the good people of New Mexico.

This isn't an issue of Red or Blue or Right or Left - it's about Right and Wrong. As the Governor, this is an issue that calls for your leadership, and the vast majority of New Mexicans have spoken in favor of ending corporal punishment in the classroom.

So I ask you, what is your position on corporal punishment? Are you for adults hitting kids in school or are you against it?

I urge you to do the right thing for New Mexico's children - do not ignore this bill. We are eager to celebrate you and your decision to SIGN HB 172 INTO LAW!


Marc Ecko

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