06/17/2014 03:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


'10905 Riverside Drive' 8"x 12" oil on panel
This is the first Drive-Thru window I painted, I like places that people don't go to be there as subject matter and saw this as an opportunity to explore that, and have the figures occupy more of the painting than I normally do. A painting of nowhere has a chance at being more of an experience than the actual place, as opposed to painting a destination location like the Alps, in which case the painting would function like a postcard reminding you of the greater experience.

'1016 VFW Parkway 11" x 16" oil on panel

This painting has smaller figures than the last one- I also like the mix of the reflected light further conflating the space of the painting.

'821 Calle de Atocha 14.75" x 9" oil on panel

This is technically not a drive-thru, but a walk-up. This is one the only painting in this series that shows a European location, in Madrid. Although the subject matter, a Burger King, is very North American.

'1742 La Cienega' 8" x 10" oil on panel

This subject matter never makes me feel hemmed in, I even got to paint Shamu.

'1919 Pico Boulevard' 11" x 17" oil on panel

This is a Burger King across the street from where I teach. This painting was on the show announcement for this series of paintings and I brought it to the Burger King and nervously showed it to the woman in the painting who was working there. I explained that I'm an artist, that I paint these kind of places, and that she was in the painting. She was delighted and showed it around to the other people working and gave me a free Whopper.

"2201 Eubank Boulevard" 8" x 10" oil on panel

My friend, and excellent painter, Sean Cheetham curated a show titled 'Selfish' and asked all of the artists to submit a self-portrait. I'm working the KFC drive-thru in this painting. Sean's father asked me at the opening if I really worked there, I reassured him that I'm a tenured professor in art and have not yet worked at KFC.