08/22/2012 06:06 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

The Power of Enrollment

If you have an important dream, idea, proposal or initiative, one of the most essential skills to master is your ability to communicate it clearly. Think about it: A visionary or a big dreamer has a dream, articulates with clarity so people get it, expresses it with passion so others are inspired by it; a true visionary invites others to join them.

One of the most critical skills I teach is called enrollment. This is where you share your dream and vision in such an exciting and inspiring way that people want to participate. If you want to become masterful at manifestation, you must master the skill of enrollment. Here is my simple four-step process:

1. Establish rapport
2. Build value
3. Overcome obstacles
4. Secure an agreement

Can you talk to anyone, any time about your idea in a way that inspires them to support or join you? Whether your idea requires speaking to people one-on-one, to a small group or to the masses, becoming an inspiring and enrolling speaker can help you dream bigger, accomplish your goals with greater ease, get people to buy your ideas or products, perhaps even finance your dream. I have seen it happen.

The number one way to experience shortcuts on any idea is to share it with others. And it's how you share it that will make the difference. Be clear, passionate and practice making specific requests.

The shortcut step to enrollment is to ask for what you want and need. Here are two tips for success: 1) Be specific and 2) make it easy for people to say yes. If they say no, don't be afraid to ask why. People often decline for two reasons: 1) Either you're asking for too much or 2) they don't understand what you're asking for.

Making a positive first impression is critical to enrollment -- being courteous, being on time, being dressed appropriately are all ways to enthuse someone to embark on a journey with you, they're more likely to listen and give your idea the attention it deserves if they can see that you are professional, knowledgeable and serious about it.

Building rapport with any audience is based on how you present yourself. Your persona includes the sound and quality of your voice, your body posture and language, and what's coming out of you both verbally and non-verbally. In the first five seconds of meeting someone, they have already formed an opinion about you based on your appearance.

Understand that you can't always do it alone. Sometimes having a great idea is not enough -- you need the support of a team who can help direct you to resources to ensure your project is a great success. Using my tips on enrollment, you will be able to articulate your vision, build value and rapport, overcome obstacles and secure an agreement.