07/31/2015 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lights, Camera, Mascara! Light Up Your Life With A New Lighted Mascara Wand - And Never Leave Home Without Your Scent Again

Two rare beauty gadgets that you actually need.

Techy beauty gadgets that we can actually use? These might be rarer than you think. (Although two good ones that do come to mind are the Sonic Spatula and Foreo Luna facial cleansing brush I recently shared with you.) Beauty editors get an enormous amount of requests to sample and validate products, many of which do not hit the mark. So I'm not going to lie: My first impression of these two products was they were a little wonky, something from a late-night infomercial... Yet, my instinct said, "just shut up and try it." And I was so glad I did!

Let's start with lashes. I've voted many times for my favorite makeup products (My Best in Class is a great overview), but I just realized that I haven't ever talked about application. Until now! Let's face it: Applying eyeliner or mascara is rough when in a hurry--and without proper lighting, expect smudge central. But now that task can be handled on the run or in the dark, thanks to these two useful beauty enhancer gadgets from Beauty9.

DV Mascara
, with its applicator that "lights up" under the cap, is not only fun, it's revolutionary. I asked many of my female friends and coworkers how often they wished they had a lighted mascara wand. Reaction ranged from "OMG" and "do you know how many times...", to "even when it's lighted indoors it's hard to apply perfect mascara." So of course I handed over these lighted mascara wands with flair--and the happy giggles from the ladies was a huge smile-inducing reward.

Here's how it works: Dakota Vox's (DV) mascara wand lights up then uses a perfect lengthening brush, allowing you to apply flawless mascara anywhere, anytime, day or night. And yes, DV Mascara evenly coats lashes for maximum fullness without clumping or flaking. Just don't forget to turn off the light after each use.

Another well-made, useful product is from TRAVALO. Its little device securely extracts any fragrance from any spray bottle, without letting air or other contaminants enter the product. This genius little contraption allows you to have a travel version of your favorite fragrances, whether you're trying to conform to the airport security's 3 fluid ounces rules, or you just want a small travel version in your purse or gym bag. It's really an ingenious little lifesaver.

There you go! Tech used the right way - beauty gadgets whose tricks are actually helpful.

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