08/08/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Harry Connick Jr. Saved My Life

You never know what ray of light will rescue you from the dark days of divorce. During and after the trauma of ending a marriage or long-term relationship, all you really fell like doing is burying yourself under the covers, eating chocolate and watching "Law & Order" re-runs. Maybe you have time off from real-life responsibilities to indulge in this behavior for a weekend. But after that, you must put on your happy face and plow through the fallout of a divorce: money fears, insecurities, instability, possible custody issues. The future looks bleak and hopeless.

But at some point, you will see a ray of light that reminds you of the joy that will be yours someday soon. My savior was Harry Connick, Jr. in "The Pajama Game."

My twelve-year marriage was over after I caught my husband cheating. He begged for one last attempt at reconciliation so we went to New York for a long weekend. But the marriage was dead on arrival, as the infidelity had eroded all trust. I was faced with a future of finding and retaining a divorce lawyer, negotiating with my tough businessman husband, selling my house quickly, finding a cheaper house to buy or rent and moving. All of this misery was compounded by my broken heart and feelings of betrayal.

I have loved Broadway musicals since I was a youngster. My favorite show has always been "The Pajama Game." My father (now deceased) and I would listen to the record together and sing along, but I have only seen the musical performed once in summer stock.

As fate would have it, a limited Broadway revival starring Harry Connick, Jr. was playing in New York while I was there on this painful and ill-fated trip. I raced over to the theater and was able to score a single seat.

For two hours, I sat in a state of bliss, listening to Harry sing my special songs, mouthing the lyrics with him. It was heaven on earth. For the first time in months, I had a sense that everything was going to be all right. The world was full of music and laughter and creativity and possibility. I finally sensed that my pain would eventually subside and I would return to a life where there was joy and beauty and kindness and love. I glimpsed light at the end of this otherwise dark divorce tunnel.

Everyone has their "Pajama Game" -- a special movie, an empowering song, a poem or story that provides spiritual sustenance. All I can say is: Thank you, Harry for your help.