09/28/2006 10:51 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton's TV 'Meltdown' May Pump Up Democrats

The wave that's supposed to sweep Republicans out of office in the November congressional elections ebbed last week, according to polls and pundits.

Any week when President George W. Bush gets to make like Jack Bauer in television's ``24'' -- willing to administer whatever torture it takes to protect Americans while Democrats hand-wring over the Geneva Conventions -- is a good one for the president.

But that was before the capo and capa of the Democratic Party -- Bill and Hillary Clinton -- swung into action. No one knows how the most-examined husband and wife in America relate these days, but for the moment they are as one in taking on Republicans in their own war to set the record straight.

Their one-two punch is finally nationalizing the election. Call me crazy -- and so many of you who write to me already do -- but the Clintons' offensive could give Democrats the ballast they need to take back the Senate, which has been deemed more out of reach for the party than the House, with its more local focus.

The Clinton march began in an interview on Fox News Sunday, which was depicted by many reporters as a purple-faced meltdown that showed Bill Clinton unhinged. In fact, it was an opening volley in the fight to change the subject from Bush as protector of national security to Bush ignoring the obvious threat from Osama bin Laden and fighting the wrong war at the wrong time.

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