05/18/2006 11:14 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who Knows Extent of Surveillance?

Honk if you don't think someone has their mitts on your phone calls. What else don't we know about the Bush Administration's extraordinary grab for personal information about ordinary Americans, given what's been uncovered so far? Will someone put it to Gen. Michael Hayden today, the guy who presided over the most expansive use of technology for domestic surveillance in history at his hearings to become head of the CIA?

On top of warrantless wiretaps and wholesale mining of phone records, last week came news that journalists' calls were being traced, an anytime, anywhere program allowed either under the Patriot Act or Justice Department guidelines, depending on who is commenting at the FBI. Who knew you could get a free peek at such calls, without notifying the target, for 90 days? If people weren't concerned for their own privacy, they are unlikely to get worked up on behalf of reporters, who rank somewhere between car dealers and grave robbers in public esteem.

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