09/08/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2014

4 Ways to Practice the Presence of Love

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Many of you know that the most powerful force in the universe is love. You might have heard that if you could love enough, everything would fall into place and you would be a happy, joyful and peaceful person. While all this is true, being that loving is a great challenge. How do we get there?

We get there by practicing the presence of love.

1. Present in the Moment

What this means is that we practice, moment-by-moment, keeping our attention on love, on Spirit, on God-which-is-Love. It means we practice staying present in this moment with the presence of love. It means calling on this Presence whenever we need help in being loving and knowing what is loving. It means staying open to the guidance that is always here for us. It means being open and receptive to Spirit coming into our being. It means being in surrender to our Source, which is Love.

Practicing the Presence of Love means being present, in this very moment, with the energy of the universe, the energy of Love. It means allowing ourselves to feel, to experience this energy in our mind, heart and soul.

2. Praying Throughout the Day

For some people, practicing the Presence of Love means being in some powerful form of prayer throughout the day. This may be a simple prayer of gratitude, such as "Thank you for your Presence in my life." It may be a form of the Jesus prayer, such as "Jesus Christ, bless me with your grace." It may be the ancient Hebrew name of God, "Yahweh," said over and over as a mantra, or some other mantra that has meaning to you. But saying a prayer is not enough -- we must be living the prayer, living the Presence of Love. This means keeping the Love-which-is God in mind throughout the day, no matter what we are doing. When our thoughts and actions are coming from a deep desire to manifest Love, we are practicing the Presence of Love.

3. Thought Vigilance

When we decide to become vigilant about our thoughts and not allow our wounded self, our ego mind, to chatter away figuring things out and scaring us with untrue thoughts, we can start to focus on what is beautiful and true.

4. Inner Presence

Practicing the Presence of Love also means staying present to our own feelings and inner experience. If we have a baby that we love, we stay tuned into that baby 24/7, attending to that baby's needs as soon as the baby lets us know with a cry or in some other way that there is a need. If we leave the baby in a room sleeping, we leave the baby monitor on so we make sure we hear when the baby needs our attention.

Practicing the Presence of Love means that on the inner level, we have the baby monitor on 24/7. This means that we practice being mindful of our feelings. It means that as soon as we are feeling anything other than peace, we attend to ourselves to see what we might be doing that is causing the upset. It means that we continuously ask Spirit what is loving to ourselves, what is in our highest good, and then take the action we are guided to take.

The practice of the Presence of Love is the practice of staying present with ourselves and Spirit throughout the day. It is the practice of being present to what is, rather than being in our mind making things up. It is practicing a state of receptive being, and allowing our doing to be guided by what is truly loving to ourselves and what is an expression of our being.

Spirit is here, within us, within everything. Being present to this truth is what brings love, joy, peace and creativity to our being.

Our programmed mind -- our ego wounded self -- will always want to come in with false beliefs and need to control. Practicing the presence of love is to gently, and with great compassion, not allow our wounded self to be in charge of our thoughts. The more moments we chose the intent to learn about Love and manifest Love in all our actions, the more we become one with that Love - one with God.

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