07/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Reader's Question: There is Chemistry, and She is Ready, But He Won't Keep His Dates

Hi Margaret Ruth,

I feel really confused. I just recently broke up with a long term boyfriend. Two weekends ago I was out and I looked over at the bartender and realized I knew him from years ago. We got together later and there was a ton of chemistry and I was ready for something new and exciting.

Over the last two weeks, he missed or broke half the dates we made. At last, I was so fed up, and felt so teased, I told him he obviously doesn't want to hang out that bad. I haven't heard from him. I really feel an intense heart connection with Jerik and can't seem to let it go. I have been in tears and my soul is aching that he would say he wanted to see me and then not show up.

Am I projecting on him my ideal man? Because he is a writer, driven, tattooed, hot, sexual, liberal, etc... he is everything on paper and by looks that I want that I didn't have in the old boyfriend. I don't want to kid myself though and think this may be someone I could have a future with if I don't. I just hate this feeling.

Let me know if I should come in for a reading,

Hi Mari,

You are a complicated woman so with you, there isn't going to be one simple answer, which is a good thing/bad thing.

My read on you about what happened is that you have conflicting beliefs -- still -- about your ability to have a long term, satisfying, loving relationship with a creative, soulful type of fellow. Intellectually, you understand that you can have it all, and for you that means a long term, close, supportive relationship with an artistic, creative type man. You are showing yourself that at another level of yourself, you just do not completely believe that what you want (long term, dependable, loyal, committed) matches the kind of fellow that you are attracted to (creative, soulful, artistic, musical, sexy). As long as parts of Mari are in conflict with other parts of Mari, you are going to get these mixed results. He is demonstrating your mixed beliefs for you. On one level, you feel the great connection, and that is true. On the other level, he has demonstrated, quickly, that he is not dependable.

In this case, you are also showing yourself your ability to quickly manifest situations and people in your life. Notice that you are now apparently in a hurry to get this personal conflict resolved.

So, in sum, what you did here was get your attention directed at the conflict that still exists with you. It had to get your attention, or you wouldn't have noticed. And, you did this very fast. So, your next assignment is to get at these conflicting beliefs and see if you cannot bring something in that is more satisfying -- just as quickly.

One of the fastest ways to get all of you to believe that the whole package exists is to notice couples that match what you want. Find them anywhere you can and realign that part of you that does not think these are possible.

Does this make sense? You are always welcome to have a private reading, but I am not sure you need one yet.



HI Margaret,

WOW! That answer was perfect and makes 100% sense. Total sense. I completely get what you are saying and, in fact, am thankful now to Jerik for showing that aspect of me that is still not in harmony.


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