01/12/2012 07:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Sh*t Apathetic Girls Say' Misses The Mark

While we are slightly tired of the Shit ____ Say meme -- "Shit Monks Say" was a particular low -- we're all for encouraging comfortable privileged people to mitigate the suffering of others, the deterioration of the planet, the abuse of animals and other ills we should all be doing more to combat.

That apparently was the intention of's new, almost certain to go viral "Shit Apathetic Girls Say" video. Unfortunately, this video is about as likely to inspire activism as an episodes of "Real Housewives Of Atlanta."

The original Shit Girls Say video was criticized for portraying women as overly needy and shallow, but this version takes all of that a step further.

Here's what we were thinking we were watched the video above:

1. So there are no apathetic dudes?
We're pretty sure that ignoring homelessness, not believing in global warming and not voting aren't typically female activities -- see the views of Mssrs. Romney, Paul, Perry and Gingrich, et. al. Also, in every presidential campaign since 1980, the percentage of women who voted has surpassed that of men. Just saying. And no, those women were not, as the video suggests, voting online.

2. Bad wigs aren't any way to launch a movement
The video seems to take sartorial or comedic cues from "Work It," which if you've read any reviews, seems like a distinctly bad idea. How is a man impersonating a blonde woman with an air bubble stating "I have no opinions" near his head going to inspire women to create change in their communities -- or men, for that matter?

3. Context, context, context
One of the reasons Franchesca Ramsey's "Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls" video was so effective was that she wrote an essay explaining its intentions. We didn't even realize this video was meant to impel people to get off the couch until the last line, "Don't be like them." (A short explanation of the DoSomething video's intentions can be found deep in the bowels of the organization's website.)

DoSomething's mission is obviously laudable -- it's important to draw attention to apathy in our society, and doing a web video targeted at a young audience was a good idea.'s "Yes We Can" video and Rock The Vote are two great examples of viral activism done right. It would just be great if that video didn't suggest that all young women behave like Cher Horowitz before she decided to dedicate her time (and her skis) to victims of the Pismo Beach disaster. That's all we're asking.

What do you think of "Shit Apathetic Girls Say?"

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