11/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Quick Wit in Politics

If there is one thing Americans have to be very proud of is their wit. The fact that the American sense of humor knows no bounds is indisputably an absolute. And when it comes to politics and irony well there you see marvellous things that simply make you crack up. By the way, the term "crack up" is pretty much unique to the English language and I would dare say unique to the United States as an inborn idiom. (Now of course the Huff Post will be getting truckloads of hate mail for me from the four corners of the rest of the Anglo Saxon English speaking world !)

Maybe it's an Irish thing, maybe it's Jewish; maybe it's the melting pot phenomenon, who knows?!

On September 23rd after most people were still unwinding from the Cuba weekend and others were still enjoying the brilliant speech at the UN by President Obama on climate change.

Bloomberg News published an article by Fabiola Moura entitled "Overturning Cuba travel ban may pass House this year, Representative says." The piece is about one Congressman's idea over an issue that has been very important to him and to his constituents and also for many of his colleagues. He has been working for years on trying to get legislation passed that will resolve this travel issue and put relations back on table of normalcy. He and a bipartisan group of Congressman need 27 votes more to pass new legislation because as the very bright and quick and frankly hilariously clever and accurate Congressman Sam Farr has said: "If you are a potato, you can get to Cuba very easily. But if you are a person, you can't, and that is our problem."