12/05/2011 10:21 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2012

Conrad Murray's Delusional Appeal: What It Means

While sitting inside his 5x8 ft jail cell, Dr. Conrad Murray should be repenting for his crime. Instead, he's plotting his escape by filing to appeal his conviction. Even after a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter, Murray is still convinced of his own innocence, convinced he is the victim of some sort of conspiracy by the prosecutors and the public.

Even more delusional than his belief that he is innocent is his belief that he can successfully represent himself. Even more offensive than his total lack of remorse is his expectation that the public foot the bill for his appeal.

Murray is most likely representing himself because he no longer has the money to pay his attorneys. While his defense team is required to represent him through the trial, even if they weren't getting paid after some point, they are not required to represent him on appeal. Since Murray cannot afford an attorney, the public has to pay for the transcripts of the trial and any other costs to build up his case. So not only is Murray plotting his escape, but he's doing it all on the taxpayer's dollar.

However, Murray's delusional appeal attempt is, for the most part, a lost cause. The odds are, Murray will be out of jail before the Court of Appeal is even able to rule on his case. It takes several months just to put the record and transcripts for an appeal together, and it usually takes about two years for the Court of Appeal to rule. While Murray has been sentenced to a four-year prison term, in all likelihood, he will spend just two years behind bars due to prison overcrowding in California, so he probably will never get to argue his case.

However, if Murray is still behind bars when the Court of Appeal hears oral arguments, he'll get exactly what he wants: his moment in the spotlight... but not completely. While the press can attend, cameras are not allowed inside the Court of Appeal.

As Murray spends his days inside the LA County Jail's law library writing up his appeal, Michael Jackson's family must grapple with the fact that their son's killer still refuses to own up to his crimes.