04/28/2014 06:30 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2014

Do You Set Intentions?

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An intention is all about creating the results you want to create, to be present right here, right now. How do we do this? We focus our power on what can be possible, and then, create it as though it has already been achieved. Before you set an intention, make sure you follow these four steps to achieve your best results.

1. Know What You Want to Achieve.
Setting an intention is all about creating the outcome that you desire to be experienced right here, right now. You don't have to know the exact details, but you still need to know the outcome that you would like to create. You see, when you set an intention, you must be clear and very specific on what it is that you wish to experience, and then create the experience that will give you the desired result.

So for instance, if I intend to make three sales today and I am spending three hours calling or coaching potential clients, then, it is essential for me to create a space where that result can be created. Here is where I have achieved success in the past. Three sales within three hours? I would then expect to get the first sale within the first hour, the second in the second hour and the third in the third hour. How would I do this? By taking action and contacting the individuals and expecting to speak to that person that is looking for what I am offering at that moment.

Setting the intention allows me to create the space, within the hour, and achieve my intention and goal that I have set for that day. As I have said in the past, when we take action, inspired action, the universe does this beautiful dance with us and meets us where we are at.

2. Be the Person That Knows You Will Achieve What It Is You Are Setting the Intention For.
So you may set an intention today to feel happy. As a mother, you may have a thousand things that you must do today before the children come home from school. But what is it that you are going to do to make you happy to achieve the desired outcome? What if you sat for a few moments and read two pages of a book that you were led to. What if within those pages something opened your heart or made you feel differently about your situation right now?

It is so important to actively create and allow for the intention to be true for you, too. You want to behave as one that is happy. What would a happy person do, how would you feel and how would you move? Would you be conscious of a little smile pressing up into your cheeks or your eyes glimmering as you think the thoughts that remind you of what you have right now -- your health, your child, your self?

How is it that you can actively behave as one that already has what it is that you intend? You need to be that person now to create that change to come about.

3. Set an Intention You Can Actively Bring About.
There is no use setting the intention to be rich or skinny or to travel the world. All of that is great, but it is so huge, it seems unattainable right now. If you are struggling to pay the bills, then, intending to be rich seems way off in the distance and your subconscious is screaming, "No, you are not!" It is also confirmed by you not being able to do the things that someone that is rich could do -- like going out to expensive restaurants, traveling, staying at luxurious resorts and living the life. But what you can do, is set the intention to create the atmosphere of living that life.

If you desire to be skinny, intend to eat healthy every day, and get clear on what "skinny" means to you. You may have been inspired by a yoga instructor that you follow on Instagram who has a beautiful body you would like to emulate. What you like about the shape of her body is that she is fit, toned, flexible, and to be that would make you feel liberated and strong. How different is that to just being skinny!

So now that you are clear, you can then intend to eat healthy and attend two yoga classes every week. Then how would you feel? What would you eat? How would you move through this world? Can you see how empowering this is compared to just wanting to be skinny, which brings up emotions of being deprived?

4. Take Action and Believe That Who You Are Is More Than Enough Right Now.
When you set an intention, you must take action knowing that if you act and be a certain way, then the outcome is yours. Setting an intention is all about creating the right atmosphere to be present, to be able to attain the outcome within a desired time.

It's all very much about how you are showing up. If you set an intention and it is aligned with who you are being and what you are doing right now, then your intention must come true. It is the law of creation set in motion, right now. And with your belief you can bring it in faster than you can imagine right now. Give it a go. Set it now.

It is Done.

In One, in all, in love.

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