04/11/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Are You Projecting Onto the Movie Screen of Your Mind?

This world that we live in is really the movie screen of your mind. Whatever it is that you think and feel will be projected onto the vision of your mind, and that is what you will see and experience in life.

This does not mean that everything here does not exist. It does exist. But what doesn't exist is the comparison of experiences that we are now living. You see, everything here is neutral, we are all energy pulsating out into the universe.

The chair you are sitting on, the bed that you slept on -- all vibration. The very being that you are is always vibrating and the force that is being transmitted is thousands of times more powerful than you may have ever imagined.

There is a force in the universe. And guess what? You are it! This force is a magnitude of love, emotions and consciousness all enveloped into one. What you think, feel and take action towards matters to this earth. You are a powerful being of light emerging from the dark. The more you connect to your being, who you truly are, the brighter that light begins to express through you.

Either way you are giving out energy, but the choice is now yours. Will you help and improve the earth or will you be a victim of creating by default and then blaming everything outside of you now. Which one is it going to be?

You have a magnificent power within you and you are able to create what it is you want. You also create what you don't want, and that is by putting your focus on that area too.
So you want to change your reality, you want to change what you see right now?

It is possible, and, we must also remember that we must also take time into account. So although you may want something right now, there may be a time lapse, but that's good right? Imagine all our thoughts being splattered out in the world. Pretty crazy huh!

So time saves us a lot of embarrassment (if you know what I mean), but the more you focus on and become a vibrational match to what it is you want then the closer you get to creating it all.

Here is where you need to get very clear on what it is you want. Be aware that everything you see is a manifestation of your thinking up until now. So if you are not seeing what you want, know that you have the power to change what it is that you see from now on. You can change the reality you are now experiencing.

Everything is a lesson. Everything people say and how they behave towards you are all showing you exactly what it is that you think of yourself. As you increase what you think is possible for you, the world will also show you your worth. We are the ones that block our greatest gifts.

So what is your world reflecting to you? What stories are being played in your world?

Look at different situations and whatever it is that you are seeing in another, then reflect that back to you and see where you are doing the same too.

For instance, if someone is not valuing you, where are you not valuing yourself? In how many ways are you doing this to yourself? Change this and you change the relationship too. It is amazing the power you have. We are at cause of everything that happens to us now. When we shift our thoughts, our world also releases the constraints that we have given out.

Your power is given to you to create what it is you want, but we use it for everyday tasks, some important, some not. What if you knew how great you are? What if you knew that what you have been given affects the very world that you live in. What choices would you make?

If you have everything within you that another has, and at the same time it is unique to you, then wouldn't it be important for you to intentionally live a life that makes a difference in this world?

You have been brought here for a reason. We have been conditioned by society to live a certain way. To do and accomplish certain tasks to make us citizens of our country, to be able to fit into the constraints of daily life. But we are people of the world.

We belong to the universe. We need to think bigger than the walls that we live in. We need to explore how each of us are creating this world. It is yours to be, do and have what you will.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria Portas.

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