09/13/2010 10:10 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Back-to-School Shopping for Organic Clothing: My Top 10 Places to Shop

I have to admit I no longer get that thrill when September comes along. To me, it just means more work (and lots of it), and the impending doom of winter. At heart, I'm an island girl (preferably in the Caribbean). But a girl's got to work, and in order to work, I've got to get dressed. Fortunately, there are more and more options for organic clothing (although still not as many as I would like).

I am lucky that I can dress casually for my job, which is a good thing because all the organic clothing out there is pretty dang casual. But here's why it's important--cotton is one of the most toxic crops out there. If everyone in America switched to organic cotton clothing, we would reduce the use of agricultural chemicals by 20 percent. But here's why I really wear organic clothing: It's so comfortable and soft!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my favorite places to shop:

1. Stewart and Brown. Truly my first stop, their clothes are soft, comfortable, flattering, lightweight, and a pleasure to wear. Plus, they are just real good people.

2. Eileen Fisher. OK, these are kind of old lady clothes, but I'm an old lady. Their stretchy black pants (nonorganic, unfortunately) are the only formal work pants I wear--no dry cleaning or ironing required. But most days I wear the organic jeans. They are starting to make some truly lovely organic cotton shirts, too.

3. Patagonia. Well, how can you argue with the first and best? The clothes are well made and comfortable and great for almost any sport (I'm waiting for them to make bike shorts). I've visited the company headquarters and met the founders, and I can attest to their great intentions and awesome products. Sometimes they are cut too small for ladies like me, though.

4. Toggery. This is a new company, but I really like its stuff.

5. Sundance. Not all of it is organic, but some of it is.

6. Hannah Anderson. Great kids' clothes, awesome pajamas, and a nice selection of fairly traditional organic clothing. Extremely well made.

7. Garnet Hill. Like Sundance, you have to dig for organic options, but they are there.

8. Gaiam. Mostly yoga wear, but a good source for underwear!

9. Blue Canoe. Again, mostly yoga wear and pajamas. But very well made, and hugely comfortable.

10. Loomstate. This is the "fashion-forward" brand for organic, but it's made and built for skinny little things--the kind who shop at Barneys, where Loomstate is sold.

Unfortunately, I can't go to work in pajamas and yoga wear. I'm ALWAYS looking for more places to shop for organic clothing, so PLEASE let me know if there are other sources out there.

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