09/24/2009 01:13 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Fuzz Is My New Buzz

Maybe it's because I'm getting older (with the granny glasses to prove it), but I'm starting to tire of the whole "buzz"-chasing world. Now, it's all about fuzz for me. What's fuzz? It's the happy feeling and comfort of a warm, soft cashmere blanket, or a place that just delivers the goods over and over again.

Last week I stayed at the new Standard Hotel in Manhattan. It's got tons of buzz: new André Balazs hotel that straddles the new Highline park, alleged celebrity sightings, dozens of fabulous too-cool-for-school posers to open doors and bring coffee and generally act a little too serenely busy. That's buzz. But here's the problem. I had a cold shower and then couldn't turn it off. Twice. The whitish carpet was already a little stained with some mystery substance. And they took almost an hour to bring my Prius around front when I was ready to leave (and I was ready!). That's also buzz.

This is fuzz: The Lowell Hotel. Nobody really cares about it. But it's quiet, discreet, and oh so comfortable. The pillows are the best, the showers work, the windows open, and the service is impeccable. I may or may not see a celebrity there, but frankly, I don't really care. They are all much smaller in real life than you expect (except Conan O'Brien -- he's a GIANT. A skinny giant.) But I can count on a really good night's sleep, and wake up to a silver pot of hot coffee and the newspaper of my choice.

Same deal with restaurants. I'm getting tired of the buzzworthy restaurants with long lines and waiting lists and weird menu items intentionally meant to surprise and challenge the eater. (Enough OFFAL and rare pork products, already!) I would much rather have a simple, well-cooked meal at a comfortable place that cares about the quality of ingredients. A place that gives good fuzz (although, not in the food, please). Not buzz.

Music, too, should be fuzz not buzz. I love hearing new music and finding out about new bands. But more and more I realize that the buzz isn't always what it's cracked up to be. And often, really, really good music gets overlooked because it's more fuzz than buzz. Here's my current music fuzz list: Kenny Chesney (hey, summer is truly his season), the Avett Brothers, Paolo Nutini, new Bob Dylan, Lee Ann Womack.

I'm telling you, fuzz is the new buzz.

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